The Conservation Learning Centre’s Community High Tunnel is an opportunity for school groups, local community groups, and those without access to garden space to grow a garden at the Conservation Learning Centre. Twelve 2m by 4m plots will be available for use, free of charge, and all the necessary gardening tools will be provided. Whether you have never gardened before or are an experienced gardener, you are welcome to garden with us. CLC Staff will be available to help make your garden a success.

What is a High Tunnel?

A High Tunnel or Hoop House or Cold Frame is an unheated, greenhouse-type structure, used to extend the growing season and/or for crops that thrive in warmer conditions.

What is a Community High Tunnel?

A Community high Tunnel is like a community garden, but the shared garden space is located inside a high tunnel.

To learn more about the Community High Tunnel, read our CLC Community High Tunnel Guidelines or contact Rachael Groat at rgroat.clc@gmail.com.

Apply for a plot in the Community High Tunnel